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Customer Service


Job Description

*Listen and respond to customers’ needs and concerns *Provide information about products and services *Take orders, determine charges, and oversee billing or payments *Review or make changes to customer accounts *Handle returns or complaints *Record details of customer contacts and actions taken *Research answers or solutions as needed *Refer customers to supervisors, managers, or others who can help

Location:  Oyo

Type:  Full-Time

Qualification  ND

Years of Experience  --Select--

Other Information

Communication skills. strong communication skills to answer customers clearly. Understand and communicate information effectively in writing, by phone, or in person. Customer-service skills. Help retain customers by answering customer questions and complaints in a helpful and professional manner. Interpersonal skills. Creating positive interactions with customers is an essential part of a representative’s job. Listening skills. Listen carefully and understand a customer’s situation in order to help them. Patience. Should be patient and polite, especially when interacting with difficult or irate customers. Problem-solving skills. Must determine solutions to a customer’s problem. By resolving issues effectively, representatives contribute to customer loyalty and retention.

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