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Business Management


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I. Identifies barriers to achieving company goals and objectives; and develop an approach that allow to overcome the obstacles. II. To always position for sourcing of structural funding requirements and need of the organization. III. Play a full and collegiate role in the development of the organization new businesses. IV. Develop and deliver strategic objectives and plans towards growth of the organization. V. Responsible for the preparation of budgets for the newly identified areas. VI. Gather resources that will enable set goals achievable. VII. Source adequate funding for set objectives. VIII. Manage and control expenditure within the agreed budget for each subsidiary. IX. Responsible for risk assessments and mitigations in our entire businesses environment. X. Provide the management/board of the organization with periodic industry reports from informed perspective and inform the impacts on internal decision making. XI. Communicate strategies, policies and procedures agreed to other department in the organization.

Location:  Lagos

Type:  Full-Time

Qualification  B.Sc

Years of Experience  3-5years

Other Information

Communication Skills Analytical Skills Research Skills Problem Solving Skills Initiative

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